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C & C++

                                             Gateway Institute of I.T. & Mgt.
                                                  An ISO 9001:2001 Certified Institute
                                                    C-595, Vikas Puri, New Delhi-18
                                                       Ph. 9811599499, 9811678913

At Gateway Institute we have specially design C & C ++ Langauge  programme to make our students understand C & C ++ like a professional. To learn the C or C ++ only basic computer knowledge is required. Our especially design course for beginners and students will make you understand all the concepts from scratch and make you an expert. That is why we are the best Institute for C & C++ training in Delhi.

We have specially designed practical exercises for our students to make our students understand the C & C++ very easyly.

The total programme of us, is plan-based that can reach the candidate to the uppermost level of success.

Duration: 8 Weeks each

Eligibility: Basic Computer Knowledge

Contents  of C Language                                        

Introduction to C Language

Familiarization with menus, program Structure,
Data Types, Compilation Process, ANSI Standard, Identifier, Libraries, Data Types,
Variable, Type Declaration, Type Conversion, Constants, Basic Input Output, Comments, Operators, Logical Expressions, Control Flow, Assignment & Logical Compares, Constructs (Decision-Making Tools)

Iteration (While Loop, Do while loop,, For Loop), go to and labels, Continue And Break, Arrays (Strings & Integer), String Manipulation, Multidimensional Array, Pointers, Functions, Continue & break, Defining a function in the Programme, Overloaded Functions.

Structures, Data Structure (Single Linked List), I/O Streams (Files)

  Contents of C++ Language 


Basic concept of object oriented programming,

Structure of C++,

Compilation Process, Identifier, Libraries, Data Types, User defined Data Types, Constants, Comments, Operators, Assignment & Logical Compare, Constructs (Decision-Making Tools), Iteration (Loops),

Arrays (Strings & Integer), String Manipulation, Multidimensional Array, Pointers, Functions, Overloaded Functions, Structures.

Classes, Constructors, Destructors, Overriding, Inheritance, Virtual Functions, Pure Virtual Functions, Multiple Inheritances, Polymorphism, Early Binding (Static Polymorphism), Late Binding (Dynamic Polymorphism),

Data Structure (Single Linked List)

  •  Complete Theory & Practical Training with unlimited Practice Time.
  • 24 Hrs Internet facility at no extra Charge

Contact us for Admission :

Gateway Institute of I.T & Management
Address : C-595, Opp. PVR Cinema
Vikas Puri, New Delhi-18

Email : 

Mobile : (+91) - 9811 6789 13 , 9811 599 499
Phone : 011-45717722, 011- 64673344

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