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Project Exam Synopsis for 3rd Sem

Sikkim Manipal University

Project Work Synopsis detail.

The students are encouraged to involve themselves completely on the project work starting from project synopsis in 3rd Semester and with the completion of project in final (4th) semester.

Students should take this project work very seriously. Topics selected, should be appropriate enough to justify as a MBA project. The project should be genuine and original in nature and should not be copied from anywhere else.

 Project Work
Phase 1

Project Synopsis Submission for Approval

 New Guide Registration:
Qualification of Guide:
MBA with specialization in appropriate area.

The guide should have a minimum of 2 years of Industry/ Teaching experience.

Guide CV along with photocopy of the credentials is a must for approval as a Project Guide with the University.

Phase I: Project Synopsis and Guide Approval

Project Synopsis Submission for Approval

The student needs to submit the project synopsis for approval through their EduNxt portal. The project synopsis should be prepared in consultation with your guide. The template given in Annexure-I (also downloadable from EduNxt) is to be used. Your guide should approve the project Synopsis. The project synopsis should contain the clear statement about the project statement, the resource requirements of the proposed project where it would be suitable and along with the Guide Acceptance letter. Project Synopsis may be disqualified if it is prepared without the Guide’s Signature.

 Content of Project Synopsis
The project synopsis needs to be prepared keeping in mind the following points:
  1. The synopsis should be of approximately 500 words.
  2. It should have a Title.
  3. It should have an Introduction
  4. It should outline the methodology to be used
  5. It should mention the techniques to be used for data analysis



(To be submitted to the project steering committee)

 PART A: Synopsis Registration.
I. Student Details:
1. Name of the program :
2. Name of the Student :
3. Roll Number :
4. Session & Year :
5. Name and address of learning centre :
II. Project Details
6. Title of the Project :
7. Problem Statement :
(About 500 words)

8. Methodology to be used

Important points for the project work

Not more than one student is permitted to work on a Project.

Students should start the project work ONLY after receiving the approval of Synopsis and Guide from the University.

If the title of the Project differs from the title mentioned in the Project Proposal, the Project Report will be rejected and will be returned back to the student.

 EduNxt Access Procedure (For Project Synopsis Submission)

Step 1: Go to the EduNxt URL ( and enter your user-id and password.

Step 2: Go to Project Tile (for Example: “ML0014-Project-DE”) and click on it to enter to the Project synopsis submission page.

Step 3: Click on “Submit Project Synopsis”

Step 4:
(i) Read the Guidelines carefully before filling the form.

(ii) Download the “Project Synopsis Submission and Guide Acceptance Form” for Project Synopsis Submission (or see Annexure I) or “Project Guide Registration form” for New Project Guide Approval (or see Annexure II).

(iii) Make your Project Synopsis ready for upload. (Fill the form in all aspects, scan and convert your document in to either .doc or .pdf file)

(iv) Select the checkbox and click on “submit synopsis” button.

Step 5: Fill the Project Synopsis details, Select the scanned file by using “browse file” option. (Note: It accepts only .doc, .docx and .pdf formats). Upload your file by clicking on “Upload now” button.

(i) Once submitted, Project steering Committee will review your Synopsis submission and Guide Registration. You will get the Status updation in your mail box and EduNxt login.

 (ii) If your synopsis is accepted by Project steering committee, you will get the approved mail and you can start your project work.

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